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    Atlanta GA Area Map-Search For Properties In Georgia

    As a Real Estate agent working in Georgia, we have many tools at our finger tips to provide our clients with data on local Real Estate. Our GA Real Estate MLS has an area Georgia Map divided into Areas. Searching for real estate by City, is not the only way to find properties for sale. There are times that, as a buyer, you want to be within a certain area on the Map. This is where searching by Area is a great resource.

    Below is a copy of the Georgia MLS Map that we, as local Real Estate agents, use to determine where these Area Boundaries lie. This resouce page is a great way to search by Areas that you see on the Map and by price of property high to low, so you can Quick Search Residential Area Properties.

    MLS Map GA Area Property Search

    Cherokee County

    Area 111
    Area 112
    Area 113
    Area 114

    Cobb County

    Area 71
    Area 72
    Area 73
    Area 74
    Area 75
    Area 81
    Area 82
    Area 83

    Dekalb County

    Area 121
    Area 41
    Area 42
    Area 43
    Area 51
    Area 52
    Area 53

    Forsyth County

    Area 221
    Area 222
    Area 223
    Area 224

    Fulton County

    Area 21
    Area 22
    Area 23
    Area 24
    Area 31
    Area 32

    Gwinnett County

    Area 61
    Area 62
    Area 63
    Area 64
    Area 65
    Area 66

    North Fulton County

    Area 13
    Area 14
    Area 131
    Area 132

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