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6 Tips for A Successful Home Sale

So, you want to sell your home. You have gone back and forth about it for months now… Or maybe, you just got the surprising news you got that job promotion and have to move out of state ASAP. Either way, the only thing on your mind is turning your most-loved house into someone else’s dream home. 

Lucky for you, I have come up with a few tips to help you move on to your next gorgeous abode as quickly and smoothly as possible:

1. Do your research and pick the RIGHT agent, not the EASY agent. As simple as it would be to just call the nearest agent in your area, or the first one that pops up in your Google search for “real estate agent atlanta ga,” take more time in making your decision. You could very well be working with this person for a few months (but hopefully shorter!).

2. Once you have interviewed and chosen said agent, take their advice. Chances are you decided on this agent because he or she presented themselves as a knowledgeable professional. So why question them on their suggestions to sell your home? Listen and trust your agent.

3. Prepare to do Spring Cleaning on steroids. This one should be a no-brainer… but you would be surprised.

4. Be realistic about the current value of your home. Unfortunately, there are a lot of sites out there that can present skewed projections of what your home is worth. Again, trust your appraisal and the suggestions your agent will give about increasing the monetary value.

5. Create a welcoming environment. Whether that means painting bright, in-your-face walls a neutral color or taking advantage of those Glade wall plug-in’s to make your home smell its best, just do it. Also… possibly purchase this doormat.

6. Be flexible. You may have to leave your house at any time for a showing, but wouldn’t you rather get more showings than less?

7. Finally, be patient. Luckily, the market is hot again and homes are selling faster than they were 3 years ago, but it can still take time. Your home could sell in 5 days or 5 weeks, just don’t give up! (This is another reason to pick the right agent!)

Good luck with your sale and check out new home listings at!

North Atlanta Home Team

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