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7 Ways To Style Your Coffee Table

7 Ways To Style Your Coffee Table

Some of us use it as a footrest when watching hours of TV. Some sit on it when there are too many guests in the room. Some actually rest their morning brew on it. What am I talking about? That’s right–the coffee table. So why do some of us have such a hard time finding just the right decor for such a well-rounded piece of furniture? Well, try not to fear, because I have picked out some of my very favorite coffee table styling designs below. Check them out and pick your favorite to recreate!

1 – Roll on over.

What a cool restoration idea! Attach wheel to an old pallet and use it as a coffee table. Since this should be the main focus of the room, try to keep the extra stuff on top to a minimum.

pallet on wheels coffee table

2 – Light it up.

For a nice, glowy light source, add a few candles of differing heights to a clear glass container. The flames will reflect against the glass and cast the perfect amount of light in the room.

candles coffee table

3 – Clear as crystal.

If you are into all the trends in home decor, you will know that clear tables and chairs are all the rage right now. The fun part of this trend is that you can continue to decorate with items under the table as well, since they will show through. Follow a guide such as the picture below for a beautiful display.

clear coffee table

4 – Minimal as can be.

If you’re not really into all things home decor, but don’t want to look completely clueless, just go for a minimal look like this one. Add a few stacked books for dimension and be on your way!

minimalist coffee table

5 – Feminine frenzy.

If you are known as the “fashion girl” of your group, go for a look like this. Any solid surface table will work, but try to go for lighter colors. Fresh flowers are a must, as well as one (or ten) fashion/lifestyle books. Add gold accessories for finishing touches.

feminine coffee table

6 – Sophisticated and casual.

This is a great look to keep things neutral, but still interesting. Stick to grays, whites, tans, and pops of green for a great blend of color. The key is to add dimension and variety with accessories on your table, so have fun with it!

coffee table

7 – Vivacious and vibrant.

Similar to the fashionably feminine technique, this beautifully colorful look can be achieved by mixing correct color palates with one another. Candles, books, flowers, and a few trays will do the trick. But be warned… to properly score a look like this you need to have an eye for mixing colors. We don’t want a Lisa Frank situation over here!

colorful coffee table

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