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Home Organization Tips for Pets

Home Organization Tips for Pets

If you are a pet owner, you know what important parts of the family our furry friends are! Sometimes though, it can be hard to keep pet areas clean and organized. That being said, we have collected a few different ideas for the best ways to maintain a pet-friendly house. See below!

1 – Built in Eating Area.

How cute is this fix for a doggy dining spot? It blends right in with the rest of the kitchen and is perfect for a multi-pet family.

kitchen pet food

2 – Canine Cubby.

Well, this could be for the felines too! But what a good way to keep the pet beds out of the way and give them a cuddly spot to nap in?

pet cubby

3 – The Hidden Crate.

If you are looking for a way to conceal your pet crate, just use this simple idea! Drape a table skirt and slide the crate underneath. Voila!

dog crate hidden pet

4 – The Cupboard Under the Stairs.

Reminiscent of Harry Potter, no? This is a fantastic way to give your pet somewhere to go to be comfy! Put his toys and bed inside for his own little slice of paradise!

pet under the stairs cuboard

5 – Animal Alcove.

Confused with what to do with that awkward space by the stairs? Give it to your pets! It’s the perfect amount of space for beds, food and water, and toys.

pet bed nook

6 – Get Clean!

If you dread giving a pet a bath as much as they hate receiving them, this is for you. A mini shower, this is perfect for hosing down your furry guy or girl without an awkward utility sink or heading outside with a garden hose.

pet bath

7 – Gate it off.

If you don’t trust your pet in all areas of your home, just install this cute gate instead. You could use it to block off stairways, hallways, or certain doors. And it is certainly better to look at than those awful plastic baby gates.

gate to stairs pets

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