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How to Best Design Your Laundry Room

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Ah, the dreaded laundry room. Mothers all over the world detest it for its obvious lack of organization and piles of dirty clothes in every corner possible… Well, at least most of them do! So, we decided to compile a blog post to give our best suggestions for making your laundry are the best it can be. See below for our best tips and tricks!

1 – Merge it with your mudroom.

If you have a larger space that seems awkwardly too big for a laundry room, add some benches and shoe storage to convert it into the mudroom/laundry room of your dreams. the two go hand in hand, which will a perfect space for shoes and clothes.

mudroom laundry

2 – Add a clothes rod.

If you’re anything like me, you will try to avoid ironing clothes if at all possible. A pretty fool proof way to get generally unwrinkled clothing whilst doing laundry is to hang up your pieces directly after taking them out of the dryer. Although you could hang them off any surface available, this certainly looks better!

organized laundry

3 – Have a specific color scheme in mind.

Keeping to a certain aesthetic already makes a room look more organized. We recommend sticking with lighter colors, so as to not lose tons of individual socks because of them blending in with a dark colored wall or floor.

white laundry

4 – Hide your units!

If you happen to have your washer and dryer connections located in the middle of a hallway (example below), you may be confused with how to go about laundry. Instead of having irritating traditional doors that block the entire hallway off, simply install a pair of barn doors (purchase here). This will give the entire space more room to move and a cleaner, more pleasing aesthetic.

barn doors laundry

5 – Organize, organize, organize.

In the end, the best way to have a clean, fresh laundry room is to keep the area as organized as possible. This means using baskets, drawers, cabinets (anything!) to keep non-essentials from normal view. If you can keep to these rules, you’ll be sure to start enjoying laundry… Or at least, as much as you can!


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