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East Atlanta Real Estate Live In East Atlanta

Located in Dekalb County, Georgia, East Atlanta is a neighborhood inside the Atlanta perimeter that was first inhabited by the Creek Native American people. By the American Civil War, the area was known as the site of the Battle of Atlanta, which was fought to seal the defeat of the Confederate side and resulted in over 12,000 deaths. During the Reconstruction Era, this district grew more and eventually recovered. Throughout the twentieth century, the neighborhood continued to become a more urban environment and was the site of multiple Civil Rights events in the 1960s.

Today, East Atlanta is situated directly below Edgewood and Kirkwood and is very close to Turner Field. Within the district, there are many choices for shopping and dining options. There are also year-round activities, events, and festivals that take place, like the East Atlanta Strut, B*ATL, East Atlanta Craft Beer Festival, East Atlanta Twilight Criterium, and the EAV Farmer’s Market.

Homes Currently Available in East Atlanta

Public schools in East Atlanta include:

  • McNair Discover Learning Academy
  • Meadowview Elementary School
  • Burgess-Peterson Elementary School
  • Benteen Elementary School
  • King Middle School
  • McNair Middle School
  • Dekalb Middle School
  • Coan Middle School
  • McNair High School
  • Jackson, Jr. High School

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