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Lofts & Condos Real Estate Loft And Condo Livin Around North Atlanta

I personally love authentic looking lofts and Atlanta and North Atlanta GA does have its fair share of renovated buildings that have been made into residences and are listed in our Georgia MLS as lofts and condos. This page is intended to help you sift through the listings to find only lofts and condos, not townhomes, for sale in our area of North Atlanta.

From the interior exposed brick to the high ceilings and daylight throughout, there is really something so charming about an old building converted into residences. Some true authentic lofts of Atlanta include Broadway Lofts, Hasting Seed Lofts (Built 1902), Allied Factory Lofts (Built 1890), Giant Lofts (Built 1923), 90 Fairlie Lofts (Built 1919). Gasket City Lofts (Built 1952) and even newer lofts in the City of Atlanta such as 123 Luckie Street Lofts (Built 2000).

What Is Currently For Sale In North Atlanta GA-Condos & Lofts Only

One of Atlanta Georgia’s areas with many lofts is Castelberry Hill. Comprised of 20 to 25 authentic loft buildings, it is sometimes called the Loft Mecca of Atlanta. From artist to art galleries, if a true Atlanta loft is what you are looking for, certainly consider this neighborhood area of Atlanta GA. To begin, I wanted to give you a true definition of a loft versus a condo. Here is what I was able to come up with in a nut shell.

A Live/work loft is a residential unit located in a commercially zoned building that has either been issued a certificate of residential occupancy or meets specific criteria making it eligible for the protection of loft laws, which vary state by state. For example, In New York State, a live/work loft must meet the following criteria:1. The building was formerly used for manufacturing or commercial purposes;2. The building has at least three units that were occupied residential for 12 consecutive months during the window period from January 1, 2008 – December 31, 20093. The unit is at least 400SF with at least one window and can be accessed directly from a common area such as a hallway or the street; and4. The unit has a certificate of occupancy (CO) or an application for Loft Law protection has been filed on or before March 14, 2014.Historically, loft residents consisted of artists and other artisans taking advantage of cheap rents, large spaces and load-bearing floors. Loft residences were illegal and loft dwellers resided under commercial leases, forgoing basic residential rights such as hot water and sanitation. To relief their plight, many state legislatures enacted loft laws.
Definition above from Wikipedia as of 9.13.15


Lofts are not necessarily what they used to be. Developers label newly built suburban living spaces as lofts, though they have more in common with traditional apartments than lofts. Loft living is different than open-concept design, but happy dwellers do not seem to mind. People who decide to move back to the city from the suburbs, lured by loft living, might find marginal neighborhoods outside their comfort zones.
Definition above from as of 9.13.15