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Morningside Real Estate

Although the area was originally inhabited by Native Americans prior to the American Civil War, the area of Morningside/Lenox Park developed more after the war with an actual town and farming district. By 1876, the most popular long travel method was by Airline Bell steam train, which transported riders from Atlanta to Toccoa for 42 years. With the Atlanta station located in Morningside, population only continued to grow. Over the next century, the area experienced a lot of change. By the 1910s, both Virginia-Highland and Ansley Park were under development, which drew more residents.

Homes Currently Available For Sale In Morningside/Lenox Park

In the 1920s, real estate agents James R. Smith and M.S. Rankin build eight homes in Morningside Park. Advertisements stressed a 70-foot (21 m) wide paved street in front of homes with Murphy beds and a servants’ toilet in the basement. Morningside was touted as a “new type of suburb.” Commuters traveled to and from their homes by streetcar and, if they were fortunate enough, by car. This led to the Morningside district we know today in downtown Atlanta. Once more businesses and shops began to open in the area, the neighborhood continued to prosper. Today, homes in Morningside range in price from the mid $400,000’s to the $2,000,000’s. You can find both newly built and historic homes in the district!

Known to other areas in America as “the NYC of the South,” Atlanta is also well known for its array business, arts, and architecture. With such a lively sense of culture throughout the city, why wouldn’t anyone want to live here? Since its founding in 1847, the capital of Atlanta has grown exceptionally. Although it experienced a great number of ups and downs over the past 200 years, notably during the American Civil War and Civil Rights movements of the 1960s, Atlanta has remained a stable home to many in the Southeast.

At time of post, public schools assigned to Morningside/Lenox Park are: