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Tips for a Good Home Staging

Tips For Home StagingWhen you decide to put your house on the market, the tasks can seem overwhelming. What should you do first to prepare your home? What do buyers like? What do buyers not like? What if NO ONE likes it?!

Step 1: Take a second and relax.

Step 2: Remind yourself of what you would like to see if you were home buying.

Step 3: Follow these tips below for the best staging of your home.

De-Personalize. Would you want to see some random family’s baby pictures or Christmas portraits while you’re touring the house? Probably not. you want to imagine yourself in the kitchen and living room as much as possible, so try to have that same consideration for the family looking at your property.

Expand your space. Although it may not be possible to actually make your rooms larger, you can create the same effect by de-cluttering and minimizing the amount of large furniture in small spaces. Buyers like “open floor plans” (I’m sure you’ve heard this term 346341343 times whilst watching HGTV), so try to give that to them.

Clean, clean, clean. This should be no-brainer… But you would be surprised. Just do it.

Update. Anything extremely outdated? If it is something you can afford to replace, and would significantly increase the value or look of your home, you should definitely update.

Do Not Do ThisNeutralize. A bright lime green “accent wall”? Please just don’t. Make sure your home is relatively neutral in color. Most buyers won’t be able to get past it, and it could cost you the sale.

Hope these tips and tricks help you out with your next listing!

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